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Email Template To Coaches: Sharing Your Sport Recruitment Highlight Video

Sports Recruitment

When trying to play collegiate sports, the highlight video is like your resume and your email to the coach is like the cover letter. Your video will speak to your on-the-field talents whereas the email should demonstrate your off-the-field personality. The template we created should get you started towards making first contact with coaches but keep in mind it is just a template. We encourage athletes to customize the email to fit their needs and personality.

This article contains the specifics for emailing coaches and is part of the complete guide to making your own athletic recruitment highlight video.


Of course the email is going to come from you but make sure it’s an appropriate name and not some Remember, you want to demonstrate your good judgement to coaches. We recommend creating an email address that includes your first and last name, if you do not have one already, which makes you easily find-able in a coaches address book. Example:


DO NOT include multiple coaches in an email. Email individual coaches only. College coaches like to feel special in the recruiting process just like you!


The subject line should contain your name, position, graduation year, and state a video is included in the email. You want to quickly and clearly tell the coach what the email is about so we recommend a format like the following:
(Your name) –  (Your position(s)) –  (Graduation Year) Grad – Video Included
For example: John Doe – Goalie – 2018 Grad – Video Included

Email body

Within the (parenthesis) we have stated what type of material you should include in the body of the email. Depending on your sport and the coach, you should really try to personalize the email to the best of your ability.

Our general recommendations are to begin with a salutation using the coach’s name and then saying something nice about the coach and his/her team. This shows you are writing directly to the coach and you have been following their accomplishments. Coaches love to see potential players get excited about playing for them.

Next you want to state who you are and point to a hyperlink for sharing your highlight video. Then say all the great off-the-field things about yourself and close by giving a call-to-action like “I would love to meet and talk about the possibility of being part of your team.”

Lastly, make sure you end with providing your contact information. Coaches need to know how to reach you if they are interested in recruiting you for their team. Best of luck!

Dear (Coach’s Name),

My name is (Your name) from (City and State) and I am writing to you because of my interest in playing (sport) at (college name). (Say something nice about the athletic program and/or congratulate the coach on a big win).

I play on my high school team as a (your position(s)) and I consider myself talented but I will let you be the judge. Please watch my highlight video:

(Include YouTube link to your recruitment video)

As a student, I currently have a — GPA and scored — out of 1600 on my SATs. I plan on retaking the SAT (date). My goal is (score). (Put in some extracurricular activities if applicable). (Include your academic strengths).

I would love to meet you and talk about the possibility of being a part of your team in (Grad year). I will follow up with you soon by phone and if you have any further questions I look forward to answering them for you.

Thank you very much for your time!

(Your name)
(Your email address)
(Your phone number)
(Your mailing address)

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