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How to Collect Your Wedding Guest’s Pictures and Videos for Free


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Your family and friends have a front row seat to the most intimate and exciting event of your life and obviously they are going to take a ton of pictures. But how do you get a copy of all those captured moments for free?

This article will guide you on how to use WedUploader for your big day and gather all the great images your guest take at your wedding. If you are up for the challenge, also check out our complete do-it-yourself guide to making a wedding video.


Quick introduction to WedUploader

WedUploader is a free tool that links your Google DriveTM storage to a user friendly website interface. You just provide your guest with a unique link so they can easily upload all of their pictures and videos.

You do not have to inconvenience your guest with an app download because WedUploader works completely through any mobile or desktop device’s browser. Best of all, guests do not have to bother with remembering logins or passwords – they just go to your unique website and upload.

WedUploader is free because we do not store any of the files your guests upload. Everything goes straight to you in your Google Drive.

How to create a WedUploader for your wedding

Creating a WedUploader for your wedding is quick and easy. First you’ll need a Google account which is the same thing as your Gmail account. If you do not already have one then you can create a new account here.

Next navigate to the WedUploader website and create your free WedUploader. You’ll be asked to sign-in using your Google account and grant permission to WedUploader to send your guest’s pictures and videos to your Google Drive.

Once logged in, you’ll be able to create your first WedUploader by entering a title, folder name, and date of the event. Click “create” and you now have your first WedUploader! You can navigate to your unique page by clicking the provided link. This is also the link you provide guest to upload their files to you.

One thing you’ll notice is we provide a default background image for your WedUploader website. We recommend uploading a personal image by going back to the console where you created the WedUploader. In the custom image section, upload a picture you would like to use as the background image. If you upload a picture but do not like the way it looks then you can delete and replace it until you find one you love!

How to share your WedUploader with guests

Having WedUploader does you no good unless you can share it with friends and family. Luckily, sharing your unique WedUploader website is super easy!

The unique URL link to your WedUploader is the link you share with your guests. Just copy and paste it into an email or onto your wedding website. You can also send it out through social media. Basically any method where guests can click on your link will make it easiest for them. You can find the link in two places – in the address bar of your browser or by clicking the hamburger icon on the guest upload page.

What if you want to provide the link to your guests at the wedding using place cards or flyers? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Use the QR code we provide so your guest can just snap and be sent directly to your site! We also suggest the use of a URL shortener (like or TinyURL) if you want to place a hard copy version of your website at your wedding to make it easier for guest to type it into their browser. Creating and printing place cards or flyers is simple and cheap (around $20 for 100) by going to Vista Print. You can find the QR code of your WedUploader by clicking on the hamburger icon on the guest upload page.

Other resources

If you are up for the challenge, our complete guide to filming your own wedding and have instructions and videos on how to turn all your guest’s pictures and videos into a beautiful wedding video. You could save thousands of dollars with our DIY tips!

Hope this helps! You can always reach out to us at WedUploader@Timepiece.Studio with any questions or feedback. We would love to hear how you used WedUploader for your wedding!

Good luck with your big day!

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