Unique DIY Wedding Video Ideas


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Wedding videos are personal and each one is unique. Inject your own style into these ideas and you’ll have a wedding video you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

This article is part of the complete do-it-yourself guide to making a wedding video.

Pre-Wedding Video Ideas

Wedding Video Ideas


A proposal video takes a little bit of planning but will be the only chance to capture the big question. Filming all the moments of the day leading up to the proposal makes for a super sentimental video. For the actual proposal, simply setting up a stationary video camera for a video selfie works well. Or you can ask a nearby pedestrian to “take a picture” on your camera but in reality you are about to propose and you’re recording video.

Less obvious ways to capture the proposal are to bring a videographer to the shoot. You can invite them along under a cover story that does not give the proposal away or you can have them inconspicuously taking video from a distance. Either way, proposal footage makes a great keepsake and a nice addition to your love story.

Here is an example proposal video from Gracey-Hope and Jacob on

Save the date

Choose your favorite style and create a 1-3 minute movie trailer for your wedding. A save the date video is perfect for posting on your wedding website and for sending to family and friends. The footage from a save the date video can also be used later in your love story.

Here is an example of a save the date video for Ryan and Rhea by ishotstudio.

Love story

A love story video is filmed before the wedding and tells the story of your relationship. Most couples choose to record their love story in a journalistic/documentary style at home or at a special place to the couple. You’ll probably want to mix in pictures and video clips covering your entire lives together thus far. Love stories are perfect for showing at the wedding reception and make a great addition to your overall wedding video.

Here is an example love story of Macy and Kevin by

Camera bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is everywhere the action is during a wedding so it makes the perfect place to hide a video camera. You’ll capture everything the bride experiences first person without the distraction of a camera.

Here is a tutorial by Ben who demonstrates how to put a GoPro Hero in a bouquet.

Video booth

A video booth is like a photo booth except you capture all the action. To set-up a video booth you’ll need a nice but non-distracting backdrop, a bright light, some props, a tripod, and a camera. You can leave instructions on how to turn on/off the camera but we recommend having extra batteries handy and just having the camera recording throughout the entire reception.

Here is an example of how much fun a video booth can be from Videodone.

Pet mount

Including a pet makes for a fun perspective of your big day when you mount your camera to your second best friend.

Here is an example of a wedding from a dog’s perspective.


Interviews can be a lot of fun by the wedding couple and guest.

Here is an example of Tommy and Amanda by


Drone aerial footage adds a cool touch because you can see everything from a bird’s eye view. Just make sure to get permission to fly a drone at your venue.

Here is an example of aerial drone video by White Balloon Films in Scotland.


A timelapse video clip is a special effect to fast-forward through a portion of your wedding which might be slow in tempo but important to your story. For example, you might not want to have 15 minutes of your guest arriving and taking their seats. Instead use a timelapse to cover the same amount of time in 5 seconds or less.

There are plenty of apps for your Android or iPhone smartphones to use to make a timelapse. Also, here is a tutorial on how to make a timelapse on your GoPro.

Jerome and Gill used the timelapse technique for their whole wedding but you can choose which parts of your wedding you would like to timelapse.

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