Wedding Video Styles


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Wedding videos are personal and each one is unique. They come in a variety of lengths and your video doesn’t just have to be about the wedding day either. You can include pre-wedding footage as well. Inject your own style into these ideas and you’ll have a wedding video you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Wedding Video Lengths

  1. Traditional
  2. Short form

Wedding Video Styles

  1. Cinematic
  2. Documentary
  3. Stop motion
  4. Mixed media
  5. Music video


The traditional wedding video, or long-form video, is the one you would expect to see of your parent’s wedding. Your big day is captured from beginning to end, from morning preparations to evening reception send-off. Speeches are shown at full length and minimal editing is performed so you are left with a linear account of your wedding.

A typical traditional wedding video can last between 1-3 hours in length which is representative of every moment. It’s not that a traditional wedding video is bad, its just most couples will opt for a long-form wedding video in addition to a short-form video. It is nice to have both the full version to watch sparingly together and a shorter, entertaining version to share with family and friends.

Short form

The short form video, like the name implies, is an edited highlight reel of your big day that lasts between 5-15 minutes. Unlike the traditional wedding video, the short form is your favorite moments edited together to tell an entertaining story of your wedding. Short form wedding videos come in a variety of styles and are a great way to re-live the best memories of getting married.


The cinematic style can be applied to both the short and long forms of your wedding video and is edited to be like a movie. The cinematic style emphasizes the emotions of your big day and includes more special effects like slow motion.

When selecting cinematic style, you should also choose a genre for your movie-like wedding video. Most common genres are romantic and party themed however, you can get creative with a Halloween horror if it fits your fancy. In the post-production phase, the video editor will apply transitions and special effects associated with the genre your choice to create a wedding video as unique as you.

A sample cinematic video by limelight-films.


The documentary style, also referred to as  ‘journalistic’ or ‘reportage’, is a fun style to capture all the unique moments of your wedding. Think of it this way… if cinematic style is the movie, then documentary style is the behind the scenes. It emphasizes your big day from a more candid perspective while still capturing all the emotions of you and your guest.

Common clips found in a documentary are more narratives where friends and family members give candid and sometimes planned testimony to the married couple. Pre-wedding footage is also a great addition to a documentary style video.

A sample documentary wedding video by LDS Wedding Video.

Stop motion

Stop motion is a video style that gives the appearance chronological photographs were used. Usually stop motion will be used to craft a linear documentary story with the addition of graphics that spell out a narrative.

An example stop motion wedding video by Katrina Lathrop.

Mixed media

If you like a variety of styles and cannot choose just one then consider the mixed media wedding video style. Mixed media is a combination of cinematic and journalistic videography with a mix of video editing techniques. This style makes your big day even more unique.

Music video

The music video style, sometimes referred to as ‘marryoke’ (pronounced like you would say karaoke), is the most demanding style on your wedding. Throughout the day, you and your guest sing portions of the song of your choice and possibly have choreography thrown in as well. The wedding music video requires coordination with the videographer and can take over large portions of your day. However, the final cut will be hilarious and fun to watch for many years to come.

An example music video by Luke O’Brien.

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